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Getting started at CrossFit Reformation is as easy as .

When starting at CrossFit Reformation it is important be patient and work on  skill development and exposure to our basic movements. We always  emphasize technique — to ensure your safety and to ensure success at the next level.

  • First, we will introduce you to technique and mechanics, THEN increase intensity.
  • We will teach you basic skills that progressively become more technical as you become comfortable..
  • The difficulty of these workouts in ultimately in your hands. The degree that you push yourself will determine how much you learn. We recommend that you slowly ramp up you up to the level of intensity and output that is inherent in our group classes.
  • Shifts in body composition are one of the most motivating ways to measure success (weight shouldn’t matter, how your clothes fit & how you look naked should!). We highly encourage you to take “Before” pictures
None of these excuses apply!
  • It’s too intense for me.
  • I’m not familiar with any of these exercises.
  • I want to be in better shape before I get into CrossFit classes.
  • I won’t be able to keep up.
  • I’m a beginner!
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  1. Julie Layman
    Julie Layman says:

    Today was challenging!!!! Prep work not bad, but got the heart rate going…Inchworm push ups, box steps, good mornings, went well and prepared me for ROWING!! Well, first 2000 meter my time was 9min 6 sec, second 2000 m row not as good, 9min 23sec :( I was tired :( but, again, thanks to those amazing positive trainers I finished with so much support!! On to 5min x 2 rounds of KB’S, trainers had me hold 52lbs? I think? WOWZA, that was harder than I ever imagined it would be, CRAZY!!! Anyway, thanks again guys, you make it soooooo worth coming to Cross fit :-)

  2. Julie Layman
    Julie Layman says:

    Week 3 work in progress..17 min of 500m rows, American swings 15, 4 sets accomplished with heavier KB’s and faster rowing time YAY!! Thanks to Brendan and Marcos for a great workout , you two AMAZE me every day!!!;)

  3. Julie Layman
    Julie Layman says:

    Fantastic workout today, I LOVED IT!!!;) The beginning really got our heart rate up, two rounds of high knees, lunges, butt kickers, bounding, etc.. Completed 1 mile after that, 100 kettle bell swings, ending with 150 cal Air Dyne, which amazingly, I did the WHOLE thing ;) 2min bird dog each side, think this was one of my favorite workouts so far!!;)


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